Industry 4.0 - Industrial Internet of Things

  •  It used to be: – the big who swallowed the small
  • Then it was – “The fast who swallowed the slow”
  • Now it will be – “The integrated who will swallow the disparate” 

What Will Happen When....

  •  “...advanced robotics and artificial intelligence;
  • sophisticated sensors; cloud computing;
  • the Internet of Things;
  • data capture and analytics;
  • digital fabrication (including 3D printing), …
  • platforms that use algorithms to direct manufacturing devices,  
  • and the embedding of all these elements in an interoperable global value chain, shared by many companies from many countries

Are joined together, and integrate the physical and virtual worlds….?”


  • What skills will manufacturing personnel need?
  • Who will be trained?
  • Where will that training occur?
  • Who will be the trainers?
  • What will that look like?
  • Where do we start?
  • When do we start

These are some of the questions that need to be asked

These are the conversations that need to start